Saturday 27 March 2021

It's exhausting being here - but I've got it sussed!

 I am exhausted from all that bird watching! I'm having a lie down now on the bed secure in the knowledge that the Dreamies are close at hand!

Friday 26 March 2021

I'm here again but I've not seen that dog!

 Well I'm at Grandpa's again and it's raining. My mum's sister has been round this morning for breakfast - she didn't bring that dog which is a good thing because no doubt he'd be moaning about me having my own chair here - of course I have my own chairs here I live here 2 days a week!!!! I have my own bed too but actually I prefer the pillows on the big bed.

I'm going back to my bird watching now...........

Monday 1 March 2021

Happy Daffodil Day - my mum says it's St Davids Day

Happy Daffodil Day 

Well I'm very excited I have a new portrait! My mum sent of some money to a badly drawn pets charity and they sent this back - I think it's not bad! If you want one you can get one too!

Pet Portraits for Age UK

My mum says it's for Age UK but then she's very old so she will know about these things!